Gilles alias Dr. Feelgood jr.

„Musical Seduction”

One of the best pianist & singer you can book for your private or corporate event.

With a golden voice backed by a smooth or rocky piano style,
Gilles simply energizes and electrifies the audience.

Beside the Solo formation,
you can book as well Gilles in combination with saxophonist, guitarist and or lady singer.

About Live Music Entertainment

Live-Music-Entertainment is not a concert. It is neither a stage for virtuoso demonstration, nor a place
for boring and playback players. It is genuinely live thing.

Despite the fact that, there are no rules, the good entertainer will always use high sensitivity namely,
musical talents, voice timber, experience and personality to select and play the right songs (soft or dancing music)
at the right time at the appropriate volume level.

It is always amazing to feel the emotions that can be created by the interpretation of a song on people.

As entertainer there is always a sense of great bless, when you have managed to make people happy
with music. I am talking here about something far beyond the common honorary.

As a happy live-music entertainer, I cannot get enough of this praise, so I keep on giving my best to
make people Feeling Good, Yea. Keep on feeling good